Wednesday, March 30, 2011

E-Learning: Design Opportunities at Home Part 2

Picture 1 is the 2 ideas for the solutions, it is basically a stick which extends the reach and have a pointed end at the end to switch it on. But I decided to go with shifting the switch towards the door. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Design Appreciation

Well designed objects:

The 1st one, it can be held easily and will not slip.
The second one is a fan and it is safe as there are no blades in there to post a danger.
pictures from


for the 1st one, it is very hard to grip the faucet due to the design
For the second one, it is immposssible to pour a drink without wetting your arm.


Shape borrowing is about finding inspiration from an object that can be inanimate or animate object, it uses the shape of the object to find inspiration to create objects and creations out of the shape . It is also about finding ways to improve on different objects and change the materials and things like that. It is also about drawing shapes from the most unlikely objects and turning them into a creation.


S= Substitute which means changing a certain part of the object or using different materials.
C= Combine which means combining ideas from other objects into one object and making it better.
A= Adapt which means changing things
M= Magnify which means making things smaller/ bigger in the object.
P= Put to other uses which means what other function can the object do.
E= Eliminate which means taking parts out of the object.
R= Rearrange which means flipping the object , or rearranging it.
Scamper can be used to make an object better , for example,we can eliminate objects to make it smaller, change a part of it to make it better and change things in it and combining different ideas together to make an object have different functions.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


                                           This is a piece of litter found in the field, do you want the world to look like the picture multiplied by billions of time.
                                            You are destroying the beauty of mother  nature and making the world look dull and black and white.

                                          One last thing, there is a wonderful and magical thing that can help us our hands and the trashcan

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sketch of stationary

                                                   This is my drawing of a correction tape
                                           This is my drawing of mechanical pencil I used to have which looks like a syringe
                                              This is my drawing of a pencil
                                               This is my drawing of a eraser.